Old Keyboard of old Layout

Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi


Old Keyboard of old Layout

So here I am, in Spain. It is 2008 and I work as a freelancer. And it feels good!

In this context actually I’ve been working both autonomously and with excellent collaborators who eventually became very good friends. Full time. But always in a more relaxed environment. That's absolutely what I needed at the time to be able to focus much more on self-teaching, studying and developing new concepts.

Also working as lone-runner I faced and find answers to my customer’s problems (sometimes even solving those issues they initially did not know they had), and adopting every tech I considered useful with no fear!

I learnt the deep benefits of version control, security, forensic and how keeps logs can save your life ... and to avoid the (unfortunately still too widespread) bad practice of “wheel-reinventing”.

One highlight of this experience was the development of my little personal framework for a client project (...with very specific, and custom, requirements…) that allowed me to move from PHP (which I was already mastering at the time) to python, and Django.