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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi

Mulesol - INDRA - Fuerteventura Airport

Fuertevetura Airport

I am almost sure it was a Saturday because, as usual, we were having fun at a BBQ with few friends and some friends of friends... Between them there was a brilliant Software Engineer that after a intense chat about OOP and other, fun-for-us, development related things asked for my CV. I’m a social animal. I am a bass player. I had to sent it to him.

And that's basically how I had my Senior Developer Job at the Airport of Fuerteventura in April 2014.

I quickly found a lot of what is sometimes lost while working alone: the synergy of a team focused on the same goal!

After a short, intense, powerful and charging adjustment period (where I’ve been on Boarded by the very mind-blowing professional that I mentioned before and, eventually, now a very good friend of mine) I then became myself mentor and leader of a development team, while still working hands-on code and having a lot of fun!

Working alone it is easy to keep things in order, even if you do not have OCD. In a team is obviously another story. Also I always though that a good Leader, with capital L, is NOT a boss (and he/she should never be forced to be one). That is why I did introduce Best Practices (as some TDD...) and helped make them a standard in our production ready software with my natural use. Always being open to stand up from my chair to help and guide (as my mentor has been ready to do for me!). It raised curiosity and pushed the team to perform always better and better. After some explanations and demos of why BPs are cool, the rest just followed.

That's why I am deeply convinced that is how you ship "magic" code.
Write good one. It will trigger everybody to write some good lines too... and better!

I miss those guys! We developed some interesting software and it also involved a journey into the IOT universe and a LOT of Best Practices.