Old Keyboard of old Layout

Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi

Minor Projects @ the Airport

Minor PJs at the Airport

Beside changing some toner to some friend in the other offices or taking a walk to the side of the airstrip to path a cable in one of the cables node rooms (and believe me: both things actually helps in solving code or architecture "riddles" allowing you to disconnect and change focus) we had some minor service to code, like:

  • a custom Linux Distro to build a VideoLooper aimed to run on a low performance RaspberryPI and display informative video in the airport passenger zone. The first one was about the fishes in the huge aquarium of the airport. For real, no kidding!
  • Security notification and email digest of authorized vehicles (news and updates) allowed to access restricted area.
  • Migration of OP software and Databases between old and new machine
  • Load balance calculation for operational software

As also we design a new "airport" software (designed and started but never finished while I was working there) that assume the role of new internal portal that also integrate a "to-be Paperless Virtual Office" with high performances and quite easy to manage. Based on a SOA philosophy and scalability in mind we started from a DjangoCMS and hooked other services or old existing scripts.