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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi



This IoT software aims to control Air Conditioning in selected zone of the airport (depending of the expected use of the zone and its real temperature) allowing, obviously, human override.

A3 is also responsible for:

  • Collect information for statistical purposes.
  • Alert and notify via email about status in “problematic” zones.
  • Log EVERY action (done by either humans or automatic-control).
  • Reduce Consumes. In particular, to comply with Spain’s law requirements for thermoregulation in public spaces.


  • Airport's Servers and Network to host App & Databases
  • Temperature and humidity Sensors (HWg Sensors)
  • Arduino & add-on "top" modules to control Air Conditioning Equipment (10A relay)


  • MySQL, ORACLE and REDIS databases
  • Django with (between other things) LDAP, api-REST and some custom functions to be asynchronously launched by Celery
  • RabbitMQ
  • NodeJS to interact trough web-socket with sensors and actuators
  • A simple state machine written in JAVA for the Arduino's actuators to control the AC basic state

I consider this to be my main project while working at the airport. Not only because it took 10 frenetic months to the first release to production and some more for upgrades but probably because it was the funniest project I ever worked on!

Work on field with R&D involved. Using best practices, writing as-clean-as-possible code. Pair designing with my mentor the Software and developing basically everything but the email notification (he did it in his spare time!) leading a team of colleagues really eager to learn and produce results!