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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi

Freelancing In OZ!

Melbourne CBD

Then, some external and unhappy circumstances made me and my family move on (and out of Spain).

The flip side of this is that, looking for a funnier and more exciting (as well as safer, more culturally-speaking mature, as exotic and certainly fascinating) environment, we moved to Australia in January 2016. Here I challenged myself by starting again from the “bottom”; i.e. by working in a part-time freelance role while my wife took a Academical English course.

This was much more rewarding than expected.

Once again I was able to be involved deeply in caring for my kids.
Well I have to confess me guilty also of involving those poor toddlers in brainstorming & software planning activity … with funny and interesting as promising results! Not to mention that, as they can interact they have proven themselves more effective than rubber duck debugging!

I also started sharing part of my time with the vibrant Melbourne Meetup community, making new friends and even presenting past or future, as crazy, projects at conferences. Discussing with many other developers about new techs or solutions and testing the adoption of new tools.