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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi



While lurking around during the Melbourne Django MeetUp, and presenting a project I had coded while working at the Airport, I met the Common Code gorgeous guys.

They happened to need a contractor to help them out with their multi-site project based on Wagtail as CMS ... I was gladly up to it!

And from July 2016 to the end of September 2016 as contractor I workout (under their specifics) a pretty solid, and decent, solution for what they needed at that time.

But mostly this collaboration allowed me to continue my education: to grow!

From their internal classes, to the pair-work and the collaborative environment, trough chat about new techs the knowledge sharing attitude it has been almost like a general flavor in the air!

Always having fun, some laugh and eating good food. Relaxed while working. A lot. Happily.

Honestly a developer has very little more to wish! Yes, I'll stress this, in general it is a real good experience in extremely friendly environment. This and the full Agile mentality that focused on results and adaptability is what I can surely affirm I’m looking for in my future position.