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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi

VRT system


A following (and successful) job interview I started some remote working since November 2016 for VRT systems in Brisbane. We could not resist the idea and in January 2017 we decided to move to North in sunny Queensland.

With a smart team of 3 Engineer and one Project Manager we were developing some nice IoT software.

This was a really interesting experience, since VRT’s approach is very unconventional (on certain aspect) and definitely different from that I would have adopted (or what I did while working in the Spanish Airport, for example).

At VRT I grew my familiarity with everyday-to-production environments including Docker, and learnt quite a few new cool tricks. I also spent some time fighting some epic battle against AngularJS and, again, I learnt as much as I could.

I will never forget my time spent working with them achieving goals!