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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi



Some nice IoT software basically for remote building automation, control and monitoring in a industrial perspective.

At VRT we used an Agile approach to organize the team that has to work across the entire project, switch language, fix minor bugs, develop and add complete new features. Check tests and manage their own DevOps pipelines. As long as you keep it organized is really less complicated than it sounds.

The complex structure include between other things a python and NodeJS Backend, an Angular FrontEnd. Then throw in the arena all the Docker, Grunt, Bower, SQL and NoSQL Databases and use as you like and when you need them.

Basically tackle new challenges was day to day routine. Again it may sound a lot more chaotic than it really was. I learnt a few new cool tricks. I taught some. I spent some time fighting some epic battle against particularly nasty problem. Again, I learnt as much as I could and enjoyed the process.