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Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi



Since July 2017 then, while still living in Brisbane, I started collaborating with DSTIL , an innovation and software laboratory at Deakin University in Melbourne working prevalently on AI, ML and DL related software.

I was actually covering a hybrid role: as Senior Full Stack with Management skills. I’ve been put under many different tests and limit situations. But surely it was not my first rodeo (oh man, we love to say this with Leonard, the PM!) and I actually loved the empowering feeling and the challenge.

So: I’ve been the Researcher, the DevOps Guy, the code QA guy, the Solution Architect, the Developer, the Engineer, the Senior, the Mentor, the Project Manager and even the Product Owner (in a very limited as thrilling moment). All this while working on remote. And with different teams with 3 to 8 members to coordinate. All brilliant peeps! Great time! All in few months as my contract has to end when I had to come back to Europe. We gave it some extra time but timezone difference just complicated it too much.

Together we successfully delivered different projects. Please be sure something about them (you will find them as related entries) and you will surely understand why I can describe all as definitively challenging and fascinating.