Old Keyboard of old Layout

Alberto "ohiaia" Falchi

In Brief

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I was that strange kid that enjoyed more coding than playing with games ...well I can nostalgically admit that I lost quite some time playing Prince of Persia, Lemmings and Monkey Island though.

The same kid that learnt how to reinstall the OS and the software on the home pc (an old 286) reading the manual. And I learnt it against the most important and pressing deadline ever: do it before getting caught by my father! And, well, he did catch me. Because “suddenly” the mouse started working, no driver was installed before so…

Aaaand that was my first out-of-scope feature. What a newbie error! So, after that, he started giving me more books and manuals, as much as I wanted. I’ve never interrupted my IT study since.

I’ve never adopted a language as my preferred one. I always try to use the appropriate one for each task. Because basically I solve problems (not Pulp Fiction Mr Wolf style, though: I guess I don’t love suits that much...), and languages are just tools for this scope.

I love to explore the adoption of each new (mature) technology in my solutions. Also, my passion is to continuously mix IT with my various interests (e.g. music, photography, geeky things or psychology) with new ideas and purposes. Finally, my creativity and lateral thinking, together with my enthusiastic and proactive attitude, force me to always look for multiple and complementary solutions. I can’t help: this is in my DNA.