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I have to say it. After 10 years far away from the city I was born in ... I had a pretty good impression and fun start. The Abinsula group has built something remarkable if we consider the medium level here in Italy or the even worse one in Sardinia. Add that, as promised, I started my role with leading and mentoring Juniors Dev and introducing BPs and DevOps duties to basically every colleague that wanted to learn something new. We aimed to bring in as much as possible of the “global” culture of development I embedded myself in while living overseas.

But the Italian market demands, and the classical enterprise approach to it, came on the surface pretty quickly. Sometimes changing my role, sometimes, in a mere body-rented “backend monkey coder developer”. Something I comply with and committed to “for the sake of the project”, sure, but also something I absolutely do not feel comfortable with. At all.

Especially while knowing the infinite alternatives and vibrant realities existing outside. That is how and why now I feel that I am not progressing anymore and I need to steer the wheel and change my direction.

So, if we just look at it on the bright side we can say this is pushing me to active look for a real new challenge.

Please let me stress this: I still LOVE to code and I like and enjoy to keep my hands “dirty” in some reasonable measure. That’s why I’ll be happy to evaluate any mixed BackEnd working out the T in TDD and/or search for the Proof of Concept the project may need (especially if GO lang is involved, very entertaining, though). And again help engineers to answer some riddle pair working, designing the best solution possible  and obviously also learning something in the process. Also DevOps is very fun. (I’ll build my docker for my dev environment anyway so I’ll be happy to add on top some K8s). Well, to be quite frank, I’m not really eager to take on the frontend (even if ReactJS it’s quite interesting, though).

But: I also miss (a lot) looking after a (real) team to mentor, grow and lead to develop something greater. A product, a new software. I got used to manage the Engineers team and plan accordingly to the resources (such as time and budget!) I have at my disposal. To keep control on the bigger picture. I miss to solve riddles working among them for much more ambitious projects! and satisfy customers needs (...yes I love the Agile principles...). I think I proved myself able of this, even working on remote with DSTIL, before as now at Abinsula. Add also that It was with this goal/role in mind that I’ve pursued a Business & Management Certificate IV  degree (studying in the sunny Brisbane) in order to have some more “formal” certification for the skills as a team/project leader that I also developed with experience in the field.